Our passengers flight May-Jun-July 2021

Published on : 04-Aug-2021

Our passengers department achieve no goal for serving about 16 passengers flight between Europe , Asia and Middle east .   ...

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Cargo Uplifted for Mai-Jun-July 2021

Published on : 31-Jul-2021

Jupiter airlines uplifted  2021over 1500  tons of General cargo & humanitarian aid.   We do difficult  work to our customers  to achieve with them the successes . мы делаем сложную работу для наших клиентов добиться с ними успехов.   ...

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Cargo UpliftedApr 2021

Published on : 29-Apr-2021

Jupiter airlines uplifted on Apr 2021  900 tons of General cargo & humanitarian aid. ...

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Cargo Uplifted Mar 2021

Published on : 31-Mar-2021

Jupiter airlines uplifted on Mar 2021  780 tons of General cargo & humanitarian aid. ...

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Cargo Uplifted Feb 2021

Published on : 28-Feb-2021

Jupiter airlines uplifted on Feb 2021 680 tons of General cargo . ...

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Etihad, Emirates announce travel restrictions to Saudi Arabia, exemptions apply

Published on : 03-Feb-2021

UAE airlines have announced temporary restrictions on passenger flights to Saudi Arabia, in accordance with fresh directives issued by the Kingdom banning passengers from 20 countries. The official websites of UAE carriers Etihad Airways and Emirates on Wednesday reflected the new update, which takes effect today, February 3, from 9pm Saudi time. ...

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Cargo Uplifted Jan 2021

Published on : 31-Jan-2021

Jupiter Airlines uplifted on Jan 2021 780 tons  of Genaral cargo &medical equipment . ...

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Cargo Uplifted Dec 2020

Published on : 31-Dec-2020

Jupiter airlines uplifted  on december 2020 over 700 tons of general cargo  ...

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Jupiter airlines uplifted 2020

Published on : 28-Dec-2020

Jupiter airlines uplifted between Jan 2020 until Dec 2020over 4150 tons of General cargo & humanitarian aid, Medical equipment  ...

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